Eternal Fıre INC. made its first investments in CS:GO and Valorant games. Its CS:GO, CS:GO Academy and Valorarnt teams are formed from the players who have achieved significant success in Turkey and around the globe.


In the near future it aims to establish academy teams and to achieve many successes in 2022 by creating teams in divergent games.



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Oyuncu Mağazası has been established since 2021 in order to sell the fastest and most suitable equipment and ready-made systems to the players.

Keydrop aims to offer the best prices for CS:GO cases and skins for players. Players can also receive free chests and play games included in the website.

DEXGame is designed to bring together each component of the game ecosystem’s value chain on its metaverse platform by combining the following models; sharing economy with blockchain-based decentralized finance system, experience economy based on personalization and collaboration.

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