Eternal Fire INC. made its first investments in CS:GO and Valorant. Currently, its CS2 and CS2 Academy teams are formed from players who have achieved significant success in Türkiye and around the globe.


Eternal Fire aims to expand its success to new horizons in 2024 with plans to build new teams across a wide range of games.



Eternal Fire enters VALORANT scene!

Eternal Fire has entered the VALORANT scene with a completely new Turkish team targeting the VALORANT Türkiye: Birlik League. Our VALORANT team will aim to represent our team in the international arena.

Our team will compete against rival teams in the closed qualifiers to advance to the VALORANT Türkiye: Birlik League, and if successful, they will be eligible to proceed to the League.


Meet our squad!


  • Emre “jN3v1cEEE” Bekçe
  • Buğra “MOJJ” Kiraz
  • Okan “KROSTALY” Alaçam
  • Cihan “mussz3kk” Göçer
  • Ufuk “sasuKe” Göktaş
  • Yiğit “yT” Özden (Coach)


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