Eternal Fire INC. made its first investments in CS:GO and Valorant. Currently, its CS2 and CS2 Academy teams are formed from players who have achieved significant success in Türkiye and around the globe.


Eternal Fire aims to expand its success to new horizons in 2024 with plans to build new teams across a wide range of games.



The WePlay Academy Tournament

The Eternal Fire Academy team has been invited to participate in WePlay Academy League Season 3, which began on January 3. The main portion of the tournament is expected to be January 16. Afterwards, the tournament’s top four teams will compete in the tournament finals on February 11..

Eternal Fire is in group B, along with four other academy teams, in the tournament’s Group and Play-In stages. In the group stage, Eternal Fire will only play eight games. The best of one series (BO1) will begin at 19.00 local time in Turkey.

Eternal Fire, which has already completed four matches, has its closest match on January 10, at 21.20. On Monday, Eternal Fire will play two games in a row. The majority of the group B matches will be completed after these series.

The team’s final matches will be played on Wednesday, January 12. At 19:00, Eternal Fire will play its first match at this stage. On Monday, January 10, Eternal Fire will also play two back-to-back matches. The teams that made it to the tournament finals and the Play-In challenges will be revealed after the challenges are completed.

The Play-In round, which was supposed to begin on January 14, will now run until January 16. The WePlay Academy League Season 3 Finals will feature two teams that have successfully advanced from this stage, as well as the group winners. The tournament, which has a $88,000 prize pool, will be held over LAN in Kiev, Ukraine.

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