Eternal Fıre INC. made its first investments in CS:GO and Valorant games. Its CS:GO, CS:GO Academy and Valorarnt teams are formed from the players who have achieved significant success in Turkey and around the globe.


In the near future it aims to establish academy teams and to achieve many successes in 2022 by creating teams in divergent games.



Welcome Fabre

Today, we are pleased to announce Sezgin “Fabre” Kalaycı as the coach of our CS:GO team.


With the latest change, here is our current CS:GO roster:

  • İsmailcan “XANTARES” Dörtkardeş
  • Buğra “Calyx” Arkın
  • Ömer “imoRR” Karataş (IGL)
  • Yasin “xfl0ud” Koç
  • Sezgin “Fabre” Kalaycı (Coach)

  • Turkish player
    14 November 2022

    One point six fabre.. Hoş geldin yılların tecrübesi.

  • Umuthan ".exe" Yalçınkaya
    14 November 2022

    Yolu göster cap…

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